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[box] shadow [/box] [box type=”download”] download box[/box] [box type=”info”] info box [/box] In 2010, the Cape Cod Hoarding Task Force was established as an advisory group to help coordinate a multi-agency response to hoarding cases that come to the community’s attention. The task force is an all-volunteer People's mandala - 12 handsgroup comprised of health agents, first responders, medical and mental health professionals, social service providers, attorneys, and private business owners who are committed to working together to resolve complicated cases in a compassionate, professional manner.

The group meets bi-monthly for case consultation and educational presentations on topics related to hoarding disorder. In addition, the Cape Cod Hoarding Task Force organizes semi-annual trainings for community members and professionals, develops relationships with like-minded task forces around the state, works with various media outlets to raise awareness in the community about hoarding, coordinates local agencies to implement joint service plans, and helps many local families.

[box type=”warning”] Please note: the Cape Cod Hoarding Task Force is not a direct service provider. For consultation on local cases, please Contact us.[/box]

[button type=”small” color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] This is about the conference in San Francisco and will have more information on what it’s about. Click here for more info.[/button] [button type=”big” link=”http://www.hoardingcapecod.org/how-you-can-help/”] how you can help [/button][button type=”big” color=”teal” newwindow=”yes”] This button is about the IOCDF conference that is in July and will be too hot to go to but we would like to go anyway. Click here for more information.[/button]

Thank you to our sponsoring organizations
Thank you to our sponsoring organizations