Professional Organizers/ Transition Specialists

The following is a list of resources that can assist in cleaning and organizing clutter accumulated through hoarding:

Beth Savage: 508-470-0638,  Too Much Stuff Organizing and Decluttering

Julie Brooks: 508-246-7866, Peaceful Place Organizers 

Deb Scavotto: 508-320-1518, Smooth Moving for Seniors  

Katherine Keller: 508-759-2017,

Terry Gavin: 508-432-0881,

Brandon Bronaugh: 877-273-7810Top Notch Transitional Services

National Association of Professionals Organizers

Institute for Challenging Disorganization

Lynn Field: 508-364-1584

Carol Bishop, LICSW: 508-776-3644

The above list is for informational purposes only; this may not be a complete list of local groups. The Cape Cod Hoarding Task Force does not endorse any particular service, organization or individual included in this directory.