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Mold and Moisture Information
When moisture problems occur and mold growth results, building occupants may begin to report odors and a variety of health problems, such as headaches, breathing difficulties, skin irritation, allergic reactions, and aggravation of asthma symptoms; all of these symptoms could potentially be associated with mold exposure.

All molds have the potential to cause health effects. Molds produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, toxins that may cause reactions in humans. The types and severity of symptoms depend, in part, on the types of mold present, the extent of an individual’s exposure, the ages of the individuals, and their existing sensitivities or allergies

Cleaning and Restoration Companies

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Disaster Specialists

Emergency Contractors

Enviroclean Restore

Oceanside Restoration


Service Master South Shore

SERVPRO, Upper Cape Cod & the Islands

South Shore Cleaning and Demolition

Whalen Restoration


Duncan Does It:  508-728-4837

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