The following is a list of organizations that can assist with emotional issues connected to Hoarding Disorder: 

Cape Cod Hospital:  508-771-1800

Cape Cod Human Services:  508-790-3360

DMH Crisis Team:  1-800-322-1356

Duffy Health Center:  508-771-1218

Gosnold Outpatient Counseling Services :  1-800-444-1554

Harbor Community Health Center (Hyannis):  508-778-0300

Pare & Associates:  508-775-0719

The Samaritans of Cape Cod & the Islands:  1-800-893-9900

 South Bay Mental Health Center:  508-760-1475/ 508-760-1475

VNA of Cape Cod:  508-957-7627

The above list is for informational purposes only; this is not a complete list of professionals and organizations available in this field.  The Cape Cod Hoarding Task Force does not endorse any particular service, organization or individual included in this directory.